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Randy Burns

Randy Burns

Dyersburg, TN


Artist’s Statement:

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"Art is a lie that tells the truth." Picasso

I feel an artist should paint what inspires him and should have the freedom to do so by any medium he chooses without any pressure. I love paint, brushes, canvases and everything that goes with it. My work goes from landscapes, plants, self-portraits, sock monkeys, seasons (I LOVE snow) and clouds, those big puffy clouds that look like piles of cream potatoes. Recently I have enjoyed working on a snow and moon series. I do not work from photographs, but choose to paint from imagination. For me that works and is fun to see what comes out in the process. When I decide to paint something the image is already formed totally in my mind's eye. I add this here since it is a popular question among non painters. You can read a lot into an artist from what they create. Although, I have had formal training in art, I consider myself self-taught and have been painting all my life. "Art is a lie that tells the truth" (Picasso).

"Make visible, what without you, might never have been seen." Robert Bresson

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." — Albert Einstein

He vivido en México por tres meses para aprender español y la cultura. Ha sido el evento de mi vida. Me encanta México. La experencia ha cambiado mi vida y la dirección de mi arte. Ahora incluyo mis poemas con mis pinturas.

El Regalo

Corazon libre, alma paciente
Muestrame, dime
Mi maestra
y para devolver
Todo a ti
Te doy
Un poema
De palabras ciertas
Nada mas importante
En el mundo que
El conocemiento
El regalo
De ti
Mas que un tesoro de oro

Este poema está dedicado a una persona muy especial para mí, mi profesora, Angélica Guerrero

La Cara En Las Nubes

Vi una cara en las nubes
Pero es solo vapor y neblina
Vi un cambio en las nubes
Pero es solo viento y tiempo
Sentí una gota de lluvia
Pero es solo una lágrima
De mis ojos
Por la pérdida
De mi hermana.

Siempre Contigo-

El cielo se cae
La tierra se mueve
A condición de
Que todo cambie
En el mundo
Sabe que mi amor
Por tí siempre
Es como una
Montaña de oro
Fuerte, puro
Y eterno.



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